1X-Play realises that a high level of security is essential in order to protect both ourselves and our customers. Due to the fact that 1X-Play handles financial transactions and is privy to sensitive information, the entire system has been designed with the utmost attention to data integrity, security and reliability.

All sensitive data are stored in an encrypted format with a key known only to the customer. To ensure the safety of all such data the customers password must be entered in order to carry out any transactions where such information is required.

1X-Play encrypts all data traffic between our customers and our servers using SSL technology.

In order to limit the risk of website failure, 1X-Play has multiple redundant servers. This minimises the need for scheduled downtime, and reduces the risk of unscheduled stops.

Since 1X-Play deals with sensitive information, such as account balances and transactions, any loss of data would be severly detrimental. 1X-Play has two systems in place to manage this risk: Daily backups are performed of the entire data set; and all operations are continuously mirrored on an off-site machine.

1X-Play guarantees payment of all winnings by reserving the total potential losses from both parties once a bet has been matched. This amount is reserved in the customers 1X-Play account until the result has been verified and winnings appropriately distributed.

1X-Play uses two independent sources to verify results in order to eliminate the potential for erroneous information. Winnings will not be paid out until the result is confirmed by both sources.